1. Radiation Detector

designed for radiochemical, analytical and measurement instruments

  • probe and amplifier are integrated in a 0.66” diameter by 2.1” long anodized enclosure

  • low noise

  • mCi or sub mCi sensitivity

2. UV/Vis Detector

designed for low light applications such as absorbance and fluorescence measurements

  • probe and amplifier are integrated in a 1”X1”X2” anodized enclosure

  • optical fiber connection

  • wide spectral response

  • high sensitivity


1. Synthesis Unit: FASTracer


  • pre-conditioned heaters. no waiting for heater’s temperature transition and no worry for overheating​


  • up to 97% RCY


  • reaction vessel and reagent vials are disposable – immediately ready for next tracer synthesis


  • ​​suitable for a wide range of tracer compounds


  • ​no liquid valve used in the synthesizer


  • ​the entire synthesis process


  • 9” (w) X 12” (d) X 12” (h)

2. Purification Unit: ATT-P

designed to safeguard every tracer fraction

  • dual channel detection: UV and radiation

  • Time-dependent threshold setting

  • automatic/manual fraction collection

  • multiple fraction collection


​​3. Quality Control Unit: ATT-QC

designed to provide precision, protection, cost reduction and more

  • ​​one load of sample (100 – 200 microliter)

  • ​one touch operation

  • ​15 minutes total process 

  • ​all essential PET tracer QC parameters - quantitative

PET Tracer System

There are currently only five companies in the world that produce portable laser rangefinders and our company is one of them. Our instrument is capable of doing quick search and to determine reference points, lines, surfaces, alignments and calibrations. Our product is the ideal tool for measurements and widely used in real estate, interior decoration, road construction, etc.

Tracer Technology

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Radiation & UV/Vis Detectors

The Fourier Transform Spectrometer uses an infrared light source, a diaphragm, interferometer,  sample chamber, infrared detectors and a variety of mirrors, lasers, control boards and power supplies. Samples can be analyzed in both qualitatively and quantitatively. This instrument can analyze samples from a wide variety of fields: pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, oil and customs. It also helps with gemstone identification, forensic identification and environment protection.

Gideer Technologies, joining force with Applied Tracer Technology (www.appliedtracer.com), is dedicated to the development and distribution of automatic systems and high performance detectors for the nuclear medicine community.

The FASTracer, ATT-P and ATT-QC are 3 compact and automatic systems, suitable for a wide range of applications in PET tracer synthesis, purification and quality control. The FASTracer is an open frame system, capable of creating multiple PET tracer runs in a single day. The ATT-QC, with a 8” by 12” foot print, is capable of performing essential quality control tests by one touch operation.

The compact detectors integrate sensor and amplifier into a small anodized aluminum enclosure, providing high gain for UV/Vis and radiation detection. They can replace conventional bulky detectors in many applications. Simply connect a AC/DC power supply and they are ready to use.

This handheld integrated testing platform is both versatile and simple to use. FTB-3 helps reduce the number of staff required to carry additional instruments out to the field. The tough and resilient design also helps technicians perform tests in harsh outdoor environments. FTB-3 will maximize the efficiency of your staff.